Paraplanning Services - Australia

We are a leading outsourced paraplanning service provider in Australia delivering transparent, compliant, and clear financial advice. Our advice experts follow a thorough 3-stage review process to provide financial planning, investment advice, and risk management solutions in adherence to regulations. 


For over a decade, Zedpath has been a valuable partner to financial advisers, serving more than 70 financial businesses. We have cultivated enduring partnerships with financial planning businesses, and advisers, offering professional outsourced paraplanning services across Australia.

What We Offer

Paraplanning Support: Tailored support for your paraplanning needs, including research, analysis, and documentation

Statement of Advice (SOA) Services: Expertly crafted compliant advice documents, from simplified Record of Advice (ROA) to comprehensive SOAs.

Working Papers: Essential working papers for efficient financial plan execution.

Strategy Summaries: Concise summaries of complex financial strategies for actionable insights.

Product Analysis: In-depth analysis of financial products and investments.

Suitability Report

We specialize in crafting structured reports that conduct a thorough assessment of your financial circumstances, objectives, and goals. 

Our team excels in simplifying intricate financial concepts, ensuring clear and comprehensive explanations.

In many cases, we include functions like “What if?” – allowing users to model different scenarios for making informed decisions.

All our recommendations are based on our extensive experience in paraplanning and the quantitative analysis essential for making financial choices.

Admin & Research

Our comprehensive administration support for financial advisers includes

Expert Team

Our highly skilled paraplanne­rs stay up-to-date with regulations to ensure­ that our advice is both accurate and compliant.

Detailed Reports

We provide a wide range of financial analysis, including inve­stment performance e­valuations and strategic tax planning strategies.


Our dedicate­d resource will overse­e all of your tasks, providing thorough and attentive manage­ment for all of your jobs.

Robust Security

We­ strictly follow all industry regulations and protocols to ensure the­ confidentiality and protection of your information.

Continuous Support

Stay informed on legislative changes and business trends with the help of our team of paraplanners.

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